Should I just assume it’s a no?

I applied for a job nearly two months ago for a Software Engineering Manager role at a medium sized company. I had three interviews. The third and final one happened several weeks ago with the hiring manager. Everything appeared to point toward an offer comming my way. I had the required skillset and I was told by all of the interviewers that I was very easy to talk to and was one of the most knowledgeable applicants they have had. There were other subtle indicators too that I won’t go into, but I was 99% sure I got it.

Since that final interview I have been ghosted. No email, no phone calls, no appointments, nothing. I’ve messaged their HR team twice with no response. I’m afraid to send any more correspondence for fear of sounding desperate or nagging. Their website even still says my application is still open.

I would really like the job. I hear they have a great culture and are good to work for. I’m wondering if it’s clouding my judgment.

Are they just slow or should I just assume it’s a no and move on?

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