Where can I find data-entry roles?

I have a career in government affairs and there hasn’t been much growth in my specific field. I was laid off earlier this year because government affairs departments are usually an “expense” department and acknowledge I run some risk staying in the career considering this job market. However, this job market is not the best one to change careers so I’m sticking with this career path until further notice. My average job hunt usually takes 6 months and I am currently 2.5 months into my new job hunting season.

Lately, I have only had a handful of interviews. I am only getting contacted by scammy people on LinkedIn.

I live in a one car household and in a city that lacks adequate public transportation and almost no walkability so, working in person isn’t an option nor doing food delivery. In my previous government affairs roles, I usually traveled to capital cities on company’s dime while the rest of work was done remotely.

During grad school, I did some remote data-entry work for extra money here and there for a research professor on a 1099 contract basis.

While I am looking for my role, I would like to make some money through any part-time, full-time, or contract positions. I was thinking of going back to some data-entry roles. I am open to other remote contract options.

Any recommendations of which job boards I should use? Do y’all happen to know any teams looking for additional support?

Feel free to send me DMs if that is your preference.

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