Am I wasting my time at a small firm?

I am an associate Portfolio manager for a small, family owned, trust company. I have my MBA with a concentration in Finance. I have been there for a little over three years and was promoted from analyst a year and a half ago. When I started, I came from a major bank in wealth management, but was at a complete dead end. My thought process was; I leave the bank, get experience on the “back office” side of investment/finance, and use the small company to move up quickly.

Well, that is exactly what happened, but the pay has not increased as a have taken on additional roles. I am also a relationship manager for our largest outside advisors, and still fulfilling the analyst position I was promoted from.

When I was promoted, I fought to get a 22% pay increase, but that still keeps me at the very bottom of market value for a form my size. I am the only one doing the trading, which gives me ~$500m AUM.

I feel like I am wasting my time since moving up isn’t possible. My supervisor is the Chief Investment Officer and won’t be leaving any time soon. They won’t pay me more and with them being so hands off with me (very self sufficient), I am not really learning much.

I feel like if I took this same position at a different firm, I would be great on paper, but in reality, I don’t feel like I know all that I should. I am great with investments and financial management, but I feel like I am just on a bad track.

Does anyone have any advice?

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