Do I leave my stable career/job for an unrelated one?


I have been in education for just over 15 years in the US. I was a special education teacher before making the switch to administration. I have worked hard to support and make positive changes for teachers, building administrators, and families. In my career, I have worked for different districts both small (approx 400 kids in the whole district) and large (the biggest 2 districts in our state approx 70K students, one is where I currently hold my AD position). We are doing great things to help KIDS but it is the ADULTS that are making my job impossible. Please don’t get me wrong, the majority of staff are fantastic! They are dedicated and continually go above and beyond for the KIDS, but as in any line of work, the few ruin it for the majority. The pushback on the smallest of items is incredible (for example, implementing a schedule that provides all students their needed services – for those unaware these services are LEGALLY BINDING for students in special education making this a nonnegotiable for the job). It was recently suggested to me to take my skills to the private sector, and I’ll be honest I’m wondering if I should.

Currently I:
\- manage 40 direct reports and 340 indirect reports over 35 site locations
\- manage multi-million dollar budgets
\- create and deliver onboarding
\- create and deliver continued professional learning
\- review company policies and update them through a collaborative process when needed
\- assists with recruiting, screening, interviewing, and disciplining regarding staffing
\- attention to detail and documentation
\- communication with staff and families including the creation of public notices
\- oversite of compliance with state and federal laws
\- plan, organize, and conduct high level meetings as well as location specific meetings
\- ensure systems are working efficiently and being utilized
\- collaboration with other companies and agencies
\- lead collaboration with stakeholders to make changes or update current systems

So here is my question, am I crazy for considering this? If I take these skills outside of education or anything that has to do with kids (most ideas I am finding still have to do with kids) where do I take them? What jobs do I even look for without any other degrees (currently hold multiple Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and two Master’s Degrees in Educational Leadership)? Is it a good idea to drastically switch career paths? If I leave my current position it could take me years to get back if I can ever work my way back up. What if I do this and then hate it? What if I can’t make the same level of income? On the other side, what if I love it and can finally get some balance back in my life? Help! Thanks.


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