I’m looking for advice on how to enter the public workforce, while living with an anxiety disorder?

I’m 28 y/o, been working in the fringe healthcare field as a respite support worker since I was 19. My job position currently makes $5000 annually, that’s it.

I am high school educated, no post-secondary because of said anxiety disorder.

My low earning was not an issue in my life. Now it is. I’m looking to succeed at an entry-level job with a role I feel I can handle, to supplement my income. I need to build confidence and competence, working in the public workforce instead of the private clientele sector.

People who work and live with diagnosed anxiety disorder, how do you do it? I am medicated, and partake in therapy at home. But I’ve never worked in the public before, and I’m afraid if failing, and I don’t know what to expect, and it’s all combining to give me a lot of hesitancy.

Any recommendations for how to set myself up to succeed and be comfortable entering the public workforce for the first time would be greatly appreciated. I know my situation is an unusual one, and I’m stumped as to what would help me.

PS Please don’t comment ‘oh, working just sucks for everyone, it’s hard and bad, get over it’. It will just make me spiral and I’m already at my wit’s end. Thank you

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