Sports Media Professional Unsure About Changing Careers?

First time posting here on Reddit. I’ve been working in the sports media industry for 7 years at my company. I currently work as a video metadata collection supervisor for game broadcasts and a video editor that cuts digital highlights that is completely onsite. While I do enjoy doing that, I found the hours to be hard with an inconsistent schedule and not learning or growing in my position. I do not really have a close or great relationship with my bosses. I have tried to apply to other media companies for similar positions and had some interviews, but I have not gotten an offer. I do understand the media jobs are not great right now. I do have interested in tech and have technical skills but struggled with more complex coding and courses . I also know tech jobs are hard to get right now. So not sure if I should keep sticking with what I am doing and hope for the best or do something else. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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