Did I deserve getting terminated for giving my opinion on decision to terminate co-worker?

I have worked at a mid-size consultant firm for 2 years on a team with 6 other individuals. Four months ago we had a new hire on our team (“A”) who was nice at first but soon started displaying issue after issue.

Now regardless of whether or not A was or wasn’t a good match for our team, I certainly did not believe so. So, after months of working with A as well as my boss to get along with A after a while I had enough.

I did not believe A was willing to work on his mistakes and I didn’t feel like my boss was taking the issue seriously as well. So I went to my bosses boss and told him the situation. I also voiced my opinion that I thought A should be fired.

Well the next day I was called into HR was told that I was being terminated… the reason? I had “Assumed I knew better than my boss” and then I “Went over my bosses head to request another employee be terminated.” However, I feel like even though I got fired I still followed the correct steps.

Without getting into legal-talk (I live in an at-will state so I’m pretty sure its legal)… did I do something wrong here (morally speaking)?

If so please explain how. Thanks



1. we had an open door policy
2. I told my boss that I was going to his boss and he ordered me not to
3. I said I was going anyway citing the open door policy
4. I then reported my boss to HR for trying to silence me

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