Do I throw my work experience away, so that Hiring managers qualify me for fresh entry jobs?

Do HR’s or ATS system automatically throw your CV away, for a fresh graduate role if your CV totals more than the years it’s asking?

Currently, I have a total of 7 Years of accumulated experience, but that’s me always wanting to grow and learn from my own initiative and also through school curriculum. I’m currently 26, I had my first job experience being an administrative cleark in 2013 ( age 16 ). Then I looked for more work while I waited to enroll into University. During this time, I’ve gotten the chance to work part time as a Front End Support but also worked as a developer for 8 months. Later on, while I was enrolled into my Degree for Software Engineering, I was having an apprenticeship for a year or so, as a Junior Manager with a small Manufacturing company. I handled most stocks, account inventory and etc. From thereon, I’ve work as a Software Developer for 3 months for my internship. Once that is done as I close in on my graduation from University, I decided while I still had a safety net, to work with my dad on digitalizing our products and also as a consulting firm on the side based on his 30+ years of knowledge into the Direct Selling industry. This is also to help me qualify in enrolling for my MBA in management. So I did my 3 years of building our product as an Associate level Product / Project manager by outsourcing, taking what I’ve learned in University to develop this product and it’s been successfully completed. People may look at it as “Not being a genuine Product/Project Manager level”, but isn’t it the same if I work with another company? I had to delegate task, outsource to different talents, get work arts, budget myself, meet deadline, solve issues that arised, work on priority if something is taking too long and delaying things, what was complex and not feasible and also using Software Tools (Jira ) and methodologies ( Agile ) . While on the side, I’ve also worked as an Associate Consultant, meeting clients, giving them the right solutions which was within my ability of understanding, if not I’d prepare a meeting for them between my dad to consult.

Long story short, I’ve accumulated 5 years worth of experience and decided to finally venture into finding a job with an MNC or at least a mid-size level company, to learn more. I’m not trying to flex my experience on them, during hiring process, but hope that they see my level of maturity or potential to act independently and reliably. My Company did had 4 staffs, but they worked on small scale things, like Marketing, Administrative work and Accounts. I avoid listing as “Director or Self Employed” as I’d try to put relevant positions about what I did.

I’ve honestly, been trying to find a job for almost 8 months now and as I am done with my studies, I’ve already hand over all shares and responsibility over to my dad to run the company as he also plans to close it within a year or two and retire. (Him being 66 this year).

If I were to structure my CV :

**Associate Consultant**

* Providing consulting services in obtaining Direct Selling Licenses in Malaysia & Indonesia.
* Led the process of applying for Direct Selling Licenses, from preparing all necessary documents to submitting online applications & physically meeting with #### Officers.
* Successfully obtaining Direct Selling Licenses for multiple clients, adhering to legal regulations and guidelines in both countries.
* Setting up SEO strategies for Google advertisements, enhancing business online presence and visibility.
* Worked closely with cross-functional teams to gather and compile all required documentations, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.
* Handling effective communication between clients and regulatory authorities, inquiries and providing updates throughout the licensing procedure.

**Associate Project Manager**

* Oversee development decisions on the product progress for Web Development & both IOS& Android Applications without exceeding 85% of allocated budget.
* Researched up to date concepts, plugins, approach & analyzed competitors on what gave an edge in the current industry which avoided expenditure that could increase budgetprice by 13% of total cost.
* Providing innovative ideas while maintaining a standard of acceptance for the product to be engaging & user friendly**.**

**Associate Product Manager**

* Coordinate with development team & existing clients between integrations & set-up.
* Identifying new market penetration opportunities, such as Government Sectors, Educational Sectors & Private Sectors.
* Working with the Marketing Managers & Shareholders to promote campaigns with business-aligned goals.
* Generated $500k in revenue which in turn was used to launch Corporate SocialResponsibility campaigns with other collaborative bodies to increase online brand awareness.


Additionally, I have experience in :






React Native


Project Management

Product Management

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Point

Google Ads

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop




**My work time line :**

Associate Product Manager ( Nov 2021 – Jul 2023 )
Associate Project Manager ( Mar 2018 – Nov 2021 )
Associate Consultant ( Mar 2018 – Jul 2023 )
Junior Manager ( Oct 2017 – Mar 2018 )
Software Developer ( Aug 2017 – Oct 2017 )
IT Programmer / Administrator ( May 2015 – Nov 2015 )
Administrator ( Mar 2013 – May 2013 )


Sorry for this long post but would be grateful for your advice.

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