How to ask about benefits?

I 24F interviewed for a purchasing position at a mid-size distribution company in January this year. Throughout my interview process, I made the hiring team aware that my long-term career goals aligned more with Finance and Accounting, to which they said great! They hired a different applicant for the purchasing position, and created an entry-level finance position for myself.

We happen to have several individuals who are nearing retirement age, and upper management has been focusing on succession planning. One of the positions that will be opening at the end of this year is our Financial Coordinator position, which essentially handles our Accounting responsibilities under the CFO’s direction. Knowing that I have an interest, I’ve been approached and asked if I would be interested in taking over her position. The company has stipulated that I take an 8-week accounting introduction course through the local community college as a prerequisite to taking the position. Provided I pass the course, I would transition to the Finance Coordinator position this January following my coworker’s retirement.

I was so excited and grateful that I just said yes, as I’m mostly aware of what’s expected of me in the role, but now I’m realizing I have some questions in regards to my benefits. Company policy dictates no change in PTO, which is tenure-based, but I have a few other questions—
•What is the salary in this position? (i.e. am I getting a raise?)
•Am I able to work from home once fully trained? (Policy allows 2 days from home, but the current person works in office every day. If not able, I’d like to negotiate more pay, as I travel 45 minutes both directions.)
•General question about any other benefits I may receive (i.e. I want her office)

I’m the youngest person, by at least 20 years, working in my branch, and experience an overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome, despite my clear success with the company. I don’t know how to broach this subject, as I’ve already verbally accepted the offer. I think an email/letter to HR requesting a response would suffice, but I just don’t know what to say. Any advice?

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