I am 24, My life has broken. Failed studies and no serious experience. Do not know what to do next?

Hi. Studies in my country are generally free, however there is very high university dropout rate (around \~40%.). Although at some universities there is about \~10, at some, especially technical, 70% is nothing unusual (like on mine).
I turned 24 now, and just wasted last 4 years of my life, and I really can’t finish course I’ve started no matter hard I try. I am totally broken and concerned about my 4-year hole in CV (and no serious experience in any job)
Do not know what to do. If I should try again and start other course which lays more in my interests (I really hated the previous one), or looking for any job and just drop it forever?
I am really worried what my potentional employer would say on this, it really concers me that I am already 24.
Do you maybe know someone who was in similar situation? Who went to the college late and eneterd the labor market in his/her late 20s?

What would you advice me? I am really hopeless…

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