Is UX or novel editing viable career shifts from years of Trust and Safety?

Hello redditors!

I really need some guidance to help determine which is the right next move to take. For context. Most of my work experience revolves around trust and safety for large social media platforms (in other words policy compliance and process optimization). But prior to 2017, I have had some experience as a freelance novel editor and I currently have a digital marketing degree which I have not been able to properly utilize since earning it in 2021.

I was recently released from a certain social media corp for “not meeting certain expectations” and currently looking for new work. So far I only have a couple of contract work opportunities likely in my way, but I want to utilize this to study and gain certain skills while I am temporarily employed.

On the one hand, I am thinking of studuing UX design from a course offered by google. Would this be enough to help me land an entry level position? From what I hear, there aren’t much job prospects as of now.

But I have always held a deep creative passion, soI have considered is to study editing so I may work for a publisher as a manuscript editor since I do enjoy writing as a pastime, so perhaps this may be a good career for me. Even animation and illustration seems so interesting to me and I feel like I should have taken it while I was in university.

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