Should I stay and gain experience or look for a new job?

I am 23f who graduated on April 2023. After many failed interviews and zero call backs I got into a company through a government program where the company hires fresh graduate under 1 yearcontract for a pay of 2k. I was hired by a huge group which has many companies under them from telco to fintech. I was placed under the fintech where I worked for the team which manages third party. My colleagues and manager were really nice.

However, 2 months in I was told that a large number of employees have been retrenched including 4/6 people in my team because the company has been recording losses for a few years now (there are now better compettitor ewallet apps). In a span of 2 weeks i was drowned with a lot of information as I took over the tasks of another staff. However, since they were around i could still ask for help. However, last week was their last day they will no longer be able to help. My colleague who did not get retrenched does not know much on the tasks i took over. I am the only one who can do my tasks which means taking days off would be difficult.

This issue is keeping me awake at night and im so bothered. I really enjoy working here and the role as well although it is not what i studied for but now no more. I am trying to take it positively thinking this is a big bonus if i were to move to a new job as I am able to take over large number of tasks and learn things in a short span of time. But i am worried about getting burnt out. I feel very stressed and scared of the upcoming issues and problems that may arise in the upcoming weeks. I am considering to look for a new job which offers a more permanent role is it a good idea or should I finish my contract here? I only have 3 months experience i am not even sure if i can add this into my resume.

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