BA in History.. what’s next?

Just turned 24 and nearing the end of my BA in history, with a focus on education. I was aiming for high school teaching, but the changing economy and with teacher salaries staying about the same have me rethinking. Also very alarming that many teacher salaries are managed/leveraged by hedge funds. I’ve got concerns about the education landscape as a whole too, I’ll skip that for now.

Right now, I’m thinking of my next steps. I’m 65% through the requirements for an econ degree according to my University website, and I’ve grown fond of finance in recent years. I’m open to considering trade school also, worked as a roofer/finish carpenter and liked that. I could maybe even teach at a vocational school. Master’s programs like MIB or MBA seem like possible transitions I could make also.

Open to any and all ideas, apart from commission based sales jobs.

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