How can I break into corporate America as a biology major?

I graduated this August with a degree in Molecular Biology and a minor in Business. I am really struggling trying to find a job. In school, I was intending on going to medical school, but in my senior year, I decided I do not want to go that route anymore. All my previous experiences are tailored for med school apps: MCAT, volunteering, shadowing, working as medical assistant, etc.

I joined two student consulting organizations my senior year and loved it. Ideally, I was hoping I could work in healthcare consulting as I would prefer to stay within the healthcare industry and consutling is interesting to me. I am not having any luck with this as they prefer students with relevant internships despite my two extracurricular orgs in consulting.

I am from a small town so I would have to relocate for work. I do not want to relocate to a big city to work as a lab tech making 45k a year tops with no upward mobility on the business side. I plan on getting an MBA in the future, but I want to find a corporate job that pays decent and allows me to learn a lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions for jobs I should start applying for? I have no idea how to get in with some of these huge companies without relevant internships. It seems like going to medical school is almost easier than finding a job at this point.

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