How to keep my career going after a life-changing migration?

Hi there. Far from a straightforward situation so let me give you some background first.

I am a 31M with a Bachelor’s (Econ) and Master’s (Public Policy), and about 8, 8.5 years of full-time working experience (close to 6 years within climate economics and policy at think-tanks, NGOs, MDBs, etc). I am from a developing country, but quite honestly, very comfortable in my home country with where I’m at. For the last two or so years, I’ve held two concurrent jobs, both within my industry, and a lot of flexibility in my work hours (the workload is admittedly insane, but I have no life and this is the age for struggle anyway). I am happier now with my career than I have ever been before.

However, here is the complication. I am engaged, and my wife-to-be is located in a developed country halfway across the world. I have lived there before (for my MPP) but never worked there. I guess what I’m struggling with is, what if I move there and can’t find work? What if I move there and find a job that doesn’t fulfill me as much as what I have now? What if I have to take one or two or three steps back in my career? What happens if it takes me a while to find a job and I have a gap in my resumé? What if I have to consider a shift in careers, e.g., to the private sector?

I am exploring all my options and trying to be as open to any possibility as I can be (but I am uptight af!). I have spoken to my current employers (fwiw, both companies are HQed in the developed country I’m moving to), to see if they would be able to and interested to keep me on in a part-time capacity after I move. Even then, I would get paid in my home currency into my bank account back home, not to mention it won’t really be enough after converting and accounting for disparities in the cost of living. An interim fix but not permanent, addresses maybe the resumé gap but not the long-term need to transition to a new labour market.

Idk, am I panicking too much? I should be excited for this new stage in my life (believe me, I am excited to live with her and marry her and all of that), to put an end to years of LDR with my long-suffering partner who I love very much, but I can’t even get to the point where I am not laden with worry about my career and the regret I may feel about moving if it ends up adversely impacting my career… really appreciate any guidance and advice I could get, even if it is just to loosen up a bit and go with the flow. I know I need more of that in my life anyway.

Thank you.

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