Second job crisis, any advice? How can I turn things around?

Im a 25F. I just stared working a company, the store is brand new. All new hires along with managers and employees from other stores are putting the store together. We’re organizing everything, putting tags and everything. It’s honestly so overwhelming, it’s a lot of work. Some trainers are really pushy, and they yelled at us like if we were slaves. So, today I had a little argument with a trainer because she was talking to me in a bitchy tone, I was asking questions, and she told me “we can’t do the job for you” bish what? I’m asking questions, I’m asking for help so I can do this right, she was giving me some passive aggressive comments, she even said “I’m not trying to be rude but-“ and I didn’t really snapped on her but I guess she took it that way and told me “stop giving me attitude” lmao. She was scolding for shit I didn’t do, yesterday I didn’t get trained in some stuff, of course it was gonna take me some time to learn the new stuff, and I was really confused because they wouldn’t give me clear instructions, so of course that ruined my entire day. Now im doubting myself quite a lot, for starters, they let me leave early, immediately I thought it was because I was making a bunch of mistakes, but i wasn’t the only one who got sent home early. So now I feel like I’m not working hard enough, I feel like im gonna be fired at any moment. So I was thinking about speaking to my manager and I guess ask him for some advice, maybe throwing some honesty in there, like im feeling really insecure? But idk, i feel like it’s too soon to have that conversation with him, but he seems to be a really cool and understanding guy. I have to work tomorrow and I’m already feeling pretty negative about it. I get that it’s not the only job out there, but I don’t wanna be fired either or give up that fast, any advice? 🙁

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