Is it too late to make it at 31?

I wasted a lot of time during my college years, I didn’t attend the best universities and never understood the importance of hard working and career. I got my act together at 25, completed a highly rated master degree and started my career in finance (back office). I didn’t get promoted for almost 3 years (despite having good reviews) so I moved to another company and got promoted within 2 years. I’m now in New York, working for a good company but am still an AVP at 31 on 140k a year. I feel like a failure, I see many younger people being VPs and beyond and on a higher salary. I feel like I should have my life together by now but I’m still running. I do not own a house and have invested as much as possible and I still feel very poor. I do not feel like starting a family either for this reason as I would not be able to provide for my wife and kids. This thought is haunting me for a while despite keeping the hard work. I am very grateful for my job but at the same time a grief the time spent jerking around. Am I being unreasonable? How do I pick myself up from this situation?

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