How to enter the cybersecurity field with a unique skill set/experience ?

How to enter cybersecurity industry with unique skill set/expierence

Hello everyone. I need some advice on how to enter the Cybersecurity field from where I am in life, but my case is unique in a way.

For a short blurb about me,
– Will graduate with Comp Sci degree in Dec 2023
– 9 months of IT HelpDesk work experience
– 3 1/2 years of leadership experience (stipend work), most notably + recently Chief of Staff in Student Government
– loosely studied for the Network+ and Security+ certs (but never hardcore, nor sat down for the exams)
– Have worked on Linux for almost 2 years now (hobby-like, no work or education experience in it)

I have heard multiple different things, “get the Net+ and Sec+”, or “get a masters in Cybersecurity”, or more recently the Google Cybersecurity cert leading to the Sec+. I am not sure what route I should go (even the ones not mentioned) with already a Comp Sci and HelpDesk background. I also want to add that I have interest in blue teaming and digital forensics.

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