Where to go with my major?

Hi all! I’ve been putting thought into what I’m going to do with my college career and what comes after a lot here of late. I’ve decided that really the teacher path just isn’t for me, so I’ve shifted my focus from edu major to Japanese Studies major with a Creative Writing minor, something I know that I’ll actually enjoy committing my next few years to.

This all being said, I haven’t thought much about potential career paths with this beyond just being an interpreter or translator. In my recent googling adventures I’ve found nothing but one small Indeed article. If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great! Just a heads up I think if I had to work in any facet of either business or politics I think I’d walk into oncoming traffic.

I’m liable to end up in the Portland, Maine area, and won’t be the only income of the household. Potential careers and any additional information would be highly welcome. I have no qualm working for the government either, might prefer it even. I’ll face a few shutdowns if it means healthcare, and pension plan, maybe even a union.

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