Can someone offer me career advice please?

I’m 28 and have worked at taco bell since i was 16 and moved up to shift lead fairly quickly, a month ago we got a new manager in our store and a decision was made to terminate everyone below him, there’s no option to transfer to another store and none of the other stores or franchises pay as much as the tb, it by no means even covers the bare minimum for a 1 bedroom apartment, I’m faced with the threat of homelessness and have put in an application to every entry position within 30 miles of where i live and have not come up with anything, i’ve tried doing a landscaping job but was to physically demanding on my body with my disability, i’ve looked into the local community college but none of the continuing ed classes seem interesting or worth the time and money since the only openings for them still barely meet the cost of living here, what career would be solid enough for me to have a chance of owning a home as i have a family to take care of and i’m lost at what to do from this point, i feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis and it’s starting to affect my mental health since i can’t even buy my meds. moving isn’t really an option, i have virtually no family or any sort of support system it’s just me and my girlfriend at this point. what are some decent career options i can look into? all my skills are in fast food and this grocery chain i worked at for awhile.

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