Feeling Distraught. How do I navigate through these issues?

So a while ago, I posted here regarding a gap in communication between my boss and I. Things improved slightly in due course of time since my attempts at trying to communicate were shot down. Anyway fast forward to now and there are some critical issues at my workplace.

Firstly, my boss is overloaded with work and is never available to review and approve my projects (which is also made mandatory to completing the project). I reached out to another senior associate who just talks down to me because it feels lik she has typecasted me into a certain box. Tomorrow there is an important client meeting and I have yet to obtain approval, I have repeatedly mentioned it to my boss for 10 days now. I also reached out to the senior associate who said only my boss can approve it and that they don’t want to get involved although they are a part of the project process.

Anyway, today I requested some clarity from my boss, but he seen zones me again. So I reached out to the senior associate, who spoke down to me when I was just trying to understand the best way to present since this would be my first client presentation at this company. It just feels like there should be a different approval mechanism and that the senior associate wants me to crash and burn, so that they can say “I told you so”.

Other miscellaneous issues include being under appreciated for a completed project, being ripped a new one by my boss in front of half the workforce on this project during an earlier phase (where the project components where his own but after the feedback from the team, he placed the blame on me and threw me under the bus). I could understand their points but felt like my boss should have thanked them for the feedback and proceeded to review the product with me in private instead of the approach that he took.

I work in a field that requires iterative work and I am open to criticism, however, the method of feedback and culture of distrust is not aligning with how I function.

I am considerably stressed. I have actually sought alternate employment but that will take time. And just to clarify, the leadership here is not open to feedback around their management style, so communicating with them is not a possibility. There are no check-ins either. I would like some advice as to how I should manage this workplace till I find a different job. Any advice would be helpful.

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