How do I decline a job offer for a full-time job where I still want to work as a contractor?

I’m currently working as an independent contractor for a company (in addition to my full time job) and recently they reached out about a full time opportunity.

After deciding to continue the process, and getting answers that I don’t love about the company and role (and them avoiding sending me the benefits package after sending a job offer), I’ve decided to decline the offer.

I don’t want to mess up my relationship with them, as it is a great role and they are great people to work with just working as a contractor. But, I’m concerned they expected me to take the job offer and will be upset that I didn’t back out of the process earlier.

How would you approach this? I’m planning on thanking them for the opportunity and saying that the role and the move involved just isn’t a right fit for me at this time but not sure if there’s a better way.

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