I am in a hard place, could anyone spare some advice?

So to not make the post too long I won’t go into detail but long story short I got diagnosed with adhd and the meds aren’t working yet, so going back to another semester of computer science is a bad idea, as idk if I will be able to pass any classes.

I am in my second year, and next semester would be my second semester of my sophomore year. The past 2 semesters I have had to withdraw from a good amount of classes, as I cant physically study and ended up falling behind. I’d say I am about 2-3 semesters behind where I should be, since I went into college with no credits at all.

I’m not 100% sure comp sci is the right field for me, but until I get some working medication I won’t be 100% sure of anything.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I could start a career outside of college? Or any personal experience? Every time I try and think about my future I get overwhelmed and shut down for the rest of the day, over and over.

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