Second Master’s Degree?

24-year old with a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA from a mid-size midwestern college (not necessarily a target school). Have worked in banking for the last few years doing manager/equity/credit research for a super-regional sized bank. I have been looking for opportunities to break into the upper echelon of finance if you will – IB, PE, VC, Trading, etc. or pivoting to the tech world. Would a second master’s degree from a top tier university help me break into that market – specifically in Computer Science? Also, can i even get into an MSCS program from a target school without a background in CS? Starting to feel like my education and work experience has me pigeon holed to my desk in the midwest. Thought process is that being able to leverage advanced technical skills will give me an advantage when applying to large firms. I feel like many people study CS or engineering in undergrad, work for a few years, then take time off to complete their MBA. I would essentially be doing the inverse of this. Looking for advice or opinions.

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