Sort of a Career question, but I was looking for a second opinion on my colleges of choice?

Hello all!
So recently, I was accepted into all 3 colleges I wanted to get into. But the only problem is, my dream school accepted me for an alternative college (Arts & Humanities) whilst the other two accepted me for my desired major (Engineering),
I was speaking with advisors and they told me that it could be rough but its do-able to switch from one major in a different college within the university to another (This is at my dream school, I’d be switching from Arts to STEM) but it’d take work–at the same time, not being anything too crazy or unheard of.
I was wondering if it’d be wise to go to one of the other two colleges for Engineering, or try to go to my dream school thats accepted me for the arts & humanities and attempt transferring to the STEM program?

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