Suggestions on how to start over in a new industry?

32 new father here, I’ve been in the agriculture industry for the past 10 years and have experience ranging from R&D and regulatory to technical marketing. My past roles have needed me to travel over 70% of the time, which to be honest was fun in my 20s and not so much now that I am a father and don’t want to see my son grow from a hotel room.

I’ve recently relocated to Boston and the industries here couldn’t be any further away from agriculture, but we love Massachusetts and my wife has her dream job here.

I’ve been burnt for a while and wanted to start over in a new industry, I have a biology degree with a masters in biotechnology, which I think could be useful for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries here. From previous experience I know I’m really good at technical marketing roles and have been considering becoming a product manager, but have no idea where to start.

Appreciate any insights on how to get my bearings straight. Thank you!

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