Switched careers to Tech, Which path should I take?

Hello Everyone, I have a good problem. I have 2 options to start my career in tech. Automation Testing Apprentice at a very large consulting firm or It tech at a dealership with 4 others.

A little about my background. In the last year I decided to quit my job (after much planning) and try and get my way into tech. I’ve always had a love for it and always was the “tech guy” where I worked. I started with the Google data analytics and completed that along with a few projects and started to apply for a bunch of apprenticeships. 1 early January for data analytics for delayed because of economy , in march I had 2 apprentchips chances for cybersecurity which I didn’t make it thru all the rounds and another for It Tech/ Help desk which the apprenticeship company dropped the ball( already had a start date). After that I got into a free boot camp to get the aws cloud practitioner cert, this was around April which I passed. After that I started to look for work with a few interviews but no offers. I then decided to start hitting up job fairs where I started talking to people and they advised to go after other certs like CompTIA’s. I then find and qualify for online school/bootcamp for cybersecurity. between august and October I get my A+, Network+, and Security+. Still have to take the CYSA+ but i decided to put a hold on that and start applying again. finally i started to get call backs again and interviews.

Company A: Automation Testing Apprentice at a large consulting company. 48k for 15 months and then you become an associate for the company. Things I will learn:

Company B: IT tech tier 1 at a dealership with multiple locations and states. team of 5 including director, 50k with a promised raise in 6 months and room for growth. typical help desk stuff needed to run business.

Both options sound like an amazing opportunity. Im looking for guidance for the future. maybe what it looks like 5 years from now. anyone have an insight into automation testing? what does the day to day look like for both roles? for me its not an easy choice because im so new that im not sure which one would benefit me in the long run. I want to be able to learn transferable skills. any help is appreciated!!

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