What are the right career path for me as a creative person?

Hola fam!

I work in a digital ad agency and have hands on doing content strategy, copywriting, video script ideation, content writing, social media content creation etc. I have a flair for creative work. I’ve realised I’m not much of a data guy and have zero to no interest in performance marketing or analytics. Given this, I’m considering a way forward in my career in more artistic field like media and entertainment. How do you think an MBA + MA dual degree in media, entertainment and technology would fare for me? Will it be worth it? Currently I have a work experience of 2.5 years.

If not, what other options would you think I should consider?

P.s – (I’m from India and I’m thinking of doing masters abroad in some good college – I have a 4 CGPA and have been volunteering with NGOs in leadership role for the past 3-4 years so hoping for a good scholarship as well)

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