What careers should I look into based on my personality?


TLDR at the bottom.

I am a 22 M currently enrolled in university. I am studying marketing and I enjoy it.

However, marketing is such a huge field and I am still trying to decide how I should specialize and how to position myself to make the most of my studies.

I enjoy talking to people, learning about business aspects from a variety of angles, writing up essays and reports which do not bother me at all, and learning about new concepts and from the experiences of others. I am motivated to learn as I have taken multiple courses on Udemy as supplements, learning things like digital marketing, entrepreneurship and B2B.

I have taken multiple personality tests, but I know they are only indicators and not 100% accurate but they do offer insight.

Personality : ENFJ-T

Career field : Marketing ( This is what lead me to choose marketing when I did not know what I wanted to do). There were other fields like teaching, nursing and counselling.

DISC type : S (Supporter)

The subjects I enjoyed most in high-school : English , history and business

I personally have no idea what I should be doing. Although they are distinct , I have searched into Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and saw that marketing and sales are both career fields with good pay and growth.

Something to keep in mind, I am absolutely terrible at mathematics , physics , chemistry and sciences in general. They are by far my weakest subjects and I absolutely cannot stand them. I studied extremely hard but barely passed them. I have failed some of them too.

On the other hand, anything related to reading, writing , history, business and similar subjects, I have absolutely excelled at, to the point of being on the “Dean’s List” multiple times in a row (not bragging, I have struggled in high-school and feel proud that I could actually do something like this).

Sorry for the long post, but I would absolutely appreciate any advice you can give me about my situation. I want to be able to work hard in my field, develop skills, build connections, learn and most importantly, give back to my family.

Thanks for reading!

TLDR: 22 M studying marketing, don’t know how I should proceed in terms of specialization and career growth. Want to position myself to make the most of whatever I do and grow. Am terrible at Math and sciences. Enjoyed history, English and business subjects. Also enjoy being social.


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