What should I do next ?

Hello subreddit! Hope y’all are doing well!
I would like to hear some opinions on my situation! Here’s a little bit of context – I am pursuing my associate degree in CS, and I also have some experience in Full Stack development that I got from volunteer work and projects. I work full time as a floater supervisor where I supervise two different departments (about to go to the third) at my current job. I deal with customers, educate staff, and provide training in whatever the staff are lacking, the list goes far! But the job pays only $22/hr, which is very little compared to where I live. As we all know, the tech industry is pretty tough right now for entry-levels, so I have no expectations in getting into it any time soon! Based on my experiences as a supervisor and some coding, what would be some jobs I could try to apply to? Or what certifications could I try to get to stand out from others? Any help would be appreciated.🙏🏻

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