134k to 100k. Private v public. Which direction?

I, 36m, have been in the retail space as a district manager for 6 years now. I think once the $20 wages hit 04/2024, the industry will be ripe for automation & may see a short-term sales decline. The extra money helps as we just purchased a home. If I take a government job, it would provide me a pension in 25 years + work/life balance. Torn because part of me enjoys the work sometimes (flexibility/autonomy/pay), but upper leadership squeezing margins gets old, also micromanaging starting to become a thing, until it isn’t. I’m not sure our bonuses will even guarantee the 25k extra if there is a downturn.

Where to go? Try a different private company (retail is retail)? Part of me has side hustle opportunities I would like to pursue.

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