1k monthly pay cut worth my mental health?

I (M26) started a new position as a paralegal in September. The last few months working here have been very hard for my mental health. I do not feel connected to the work, the people, or the clients, I sit at a desk all day staring at a computer, and some days no one even talks to me until 3 PM. What’s worse is I’m in a VERY crowded setting that makes it difficult to hear myself think.

It’s made me incredibly depressed. I am a very social person and tie a lot of my workplace satisfaction to helping others, here I feel like I’m just helping my boss pad his bank account.

I have been applying to other paralegal positions but think it may be better to go back to school for nursing. The program I have found doesn’t start until April. I feel I have two options.

1. Do the bare minimum and hold on at this firm till I literally can’t take it anymore/enroll in school/find another job with decent pay.

2. Quit and take a job paying 1k less a month but doing much more relaxing/rejuvenating work that is out of my current career path. Either until I go back to school or find a new paralegal position.

With the pay cut I would still be able to pay all my bills and even save a little bit of money. I have a decent emergency fund so I’m not too worried about that. I just have a bad concept of what “till I can’t take it anymore” means and hate to think of me “throwing away” good income if I just need to toughen up a little bit.

Any advice or words of encouragement welcome.

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