Advice for a young business systems analyst

Hey yall. I am currently a BSA and have been for about a year now. This is my first tech related role and though ive been improving slighty, i still experience some hardships and learning curves. I do think i am smart and i have alot of things ahead of me, its just i am not confident in my work as i once was. My sr analyst always tells me to improve my software testing , be more concise and pay attention to detail. Its getting to a point that i am feeling constant anxiety when doing tasks or delaying them a bit because i feel unmotivated. Then i have days where i am motivated but dont get too many tasks because my sr just does everything. If i do mess up and or make mistakes one of my developer harps down on it, exxagerates and continuously calls me out and reprimands in meetings infront of everyone leaving me very embarrassed, and just discouraged. He is very saracastic and rude, i love feedback but the way he talks to me makes me feel so incompetent. . Sometimes i jusy leave the meeting, to take a breathe or just cry it out and log back in. I experience so many moments like this, and he doesnt make it any better. Still i try to swallow this feeling, learn more, try more , and pray because i will be great at this and i can. I am just not as sharp as others and thats okay. I wish i was on a more encouraging team where i have the abilty to execute more taks to show i am supposed to be here and IF i do make a mistake or something wrong to be spoken to with respect. I want to apply other places but i am scared and nervous that if i dont master these skills i wont strive anywhere else. I want career success and an encouraging team. My mindset has plummeted but i am still getting up and doing the best i can do and being mindful of my weaknesses. I dont want this to be me in 5 years….can anyone give any advice or what they think? Has anyone experienced these kind of hardships? Also i am open to mentorship as well. Thank you

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