COO adds CEO to thread after 3rd interview to set a date for 4th, is it normal it’s been 2 days and he didn’t write back?

I’m being remotely interviewed by a company of 40\~ employees. 1st one was with HR, 2nd was a technical, 3rd was with COO and CLO, and now they want me to meet with the CEO.

Now the COO sent this mail 2 days ago, basically saying “We enjoyed the interview, now meet with CEO, adding him to the mail thread to sort out a time and date.”

Which I basically replied “Thanks for the introduction, was a great conversation, looking forward to the meeting, I’m flexible regarding time and date.”

Then 2 days of silence. The CEO didn’t reply back to his or my email on the thread yet.

How should I react to this? How long should I wait before mailing back to check? Is it normal for a CEO to simply reply to their COO and the candidate within a couple of days with an answer saying “how about this date and time?”, because that certainly was what the COO did with the 3rd interview within 1 day.


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