I felt put on the spot about salary and counteroffered lower than I should have, they made another offer in the middle. Is it bad form to counteroffer MORE than my first counter?

I was offered a job that pays in vested equity every check. It will turn to a regular cash salary once the fundraise closes. I am in Silicon Valley but the company is remote first and workforce is distributed mostly across US.

My previous role was $80k. This job offered $75k

We discussed salary on the phone and I felt a bit put on the spot and just said I would need at least $80k. But in hindsight since I’m not getting paid cash and I am taking a huge risk for them I feel like I should have asked closer to $90 or $100k. I am essentially working for them for free until those shares materialize and it’s not guaranteed it will even happen. What if it never takes off and my equity ends up worthless? It does seem like a great idea and i believe it has legs to take off which is why I’m taking the risk.

They came back with $78k and now I feel like I shot myself in the foot. Im worried that now when it eventually turns cash it will be harder to get to the $100k goal. I wish I took time and said I need to think about it before responding, I almost felt like they put me on the spot as part of their strategy to get me to agree without thinking long enough.

They sent a contract and everything. What should I do? I feel too embarrassed to go back and counter offer again and ask for even more than my initial counter. Should I just accept the offer and request a review at a later date?

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