I spent my twenties abusing weed and alcohol on a daily basis. I’m sober now. How do I unf*ck my life?

I’m 29 years old and graduated five years ago with a degree in political science with a journalism minor. Of course, I have not used that degree at all. I’ve remained a waiter since graduating because that’s a job that could accommodate the lifestyle I held for a long time which was basically being high all day and drunk every night. I stopped all that earlier this year and am now in a phase of life where I desperately want stable, gainful employment. I’ve considered things as varied as trying a data analytics course, gaining a teaching license or even finding an internship in public relations. I’ve always been good at work revolving around communication like essay writing, presentation, public speaking etc. But because nearly all of my work thus far has been in the service industry I feel as if I don’t really qualify for anything. How can I get back on track and make myself valuable in the job market?

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