I’m a Year 4 student in CS. I’m looking for advice for my career path ?

1. How can I become an IT PM as fresh graduate? I saw some other reply saying i should be applying as business analyst / junior project manager / other ..
2. I have 6 more months to graduate, in the meantime, how should I prepare myself, so that I can be ready for the job ? (If possible, the effort made this 6 months can put on resume)
below are some of my information:
Although my CGPA is 3.7/4.0, I soon realised that I’m not as passionate as others in coding, I never started any personal project related to coding, hence my resume on this part is not beautiful.
I did one internship about software engineering, it’s coding all day and I don’t want my life after graduation will be like that. So, I started to look for other career path as CS graduate.
I had some other experience if that helps :
1. I opened multiple online stores during COVID, niche on baby product, home appliance and smart desk. Active on Facebook so I did some marketing and sales. I was able to hit 50–60k sales per month with 30% profit. But I ended the online store because I want to focus on study
2. I did telesales after high school, selling TV package to locals, did pretty good job and able to get top sales for 2 months and get over 10k as salary.
3. internship for a startup company, doing web scrapping program and also web designer (but just simply drag and drop via Wix and WordPress)
At the moment, Im looking for long term career.

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