Lost at 32 – is this a mid-life crisis?

I know I’m not at the age of a mid life crisis, but I’m looking for some guidance or someone who can relate to my situation.

I’ve been in my field of Child and Youth Care for about 8 years. I’m looking for a complete career shift and I can’t find any job I am interested in. I’ve also been on a medical/stress leave for the last 3 years on/off because of this dying field. I think being home for this long has gotten to my head now, thinking I can’t qualify to do any kind of job I’ve been looking for. I’m getting some interviews, but the pay is either crap or it’s relative to my field which I don’t want to pursue more. Lastly, I am finishing my degree in Child and Youth Care in a month, so I’ll at least have that under my belt.

At 32 (M), I have everything I’m “supposed to.” A house, a young family, and a partner. But career wise I feel very defeated. I am also an indie musician, but it’s not making me any money. Long term I want an online business, which I am working towards, but I know it’ll take a few years to make it successful. I have a clear vision of what I want in my life to be long term, but realistically I need a job right now, and I want to enjoy it.

Thank you for your time.

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