Should i quit this job? need advise

Hi All,

would like to ask for your opinions about a job I recently joined 4 days ago and whether i should leave?

I joined this company as one of my siblings referred me into as she is working there (we are now in the same department). Due to personal reasons I had to push the start date 2 weeks later than my contract which the new company agreed upon as i went overseas.

Upon starting they said that I had to wait for the next training session which will be happening in another 2 weeks. The first 3 days all i did was ‘observe’, however i was not able to retain anything due to literally staring and listening for the whole day. I was fed up and felt really drained as it is a completely new environment for me and i was not used to the corporate scene. Also to note that the office staff have 2 days at office and 3 days at home policy to accommodate having too many people in the office at the same time as there are plenty of teams within the department.

Today which was the fourth day, I arrived in the office and saw that nobody from my team was there. I went on my laptop and confirmed they were at home.

due to feeling drained and fed up i decided to go home without telling anyone. During my train ride my team leader called me to go back into the office and he said will find another team leader to take me in for the day. I returned to the office and the manager wanted me to have a meeting with her. when i spoke to her i apologised and owned up to the mistake. She was ofc disappointed and wanted me to not make the same mistake again and ask for help in the future.

Now on top of that, she brought up another problem to my surprise. I was told i made someone uncomfortable by an interaction. So basically on the first day , i was assisted by another team leader as mine was on leave. I asked her if she was my team leader and she responded no, and i looked at her and said ‘Damm’. I did not think this would offend someone and i still don’t know why this would be a problem

I feel really embarrassed about the whole situation knowing my sibling got me the job and i don’t want to upset her but i feel like the best thing to do in this stage is to just leave?

what are your thoughts?


thanks in advance




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