Should I take the leap and quit my job?

I have been in my job for the last seven years, and it’s been rocky. I’ve been here since the company began really but my manager is quite an aggressive man. There’s ups and downs where I feel like its OK, and others where I hate coming to work. The manager, I feel, treats me different and doesn’t speak to me very kindly and I think it’s because I’ve worked with him for so long he’s too comfortable. But at the same time he’s done a lot for me and I feel guilty hating on him. Recently, he assaulted a lad who works behind me by headbutting him and I think this was a final straw. He’s been lovely since but sure how long that would last. On top of that, there’s not much room to progress and throughout the years I’ve had next to no training/qualifications.

So, I’m been asked in for an interview at a larger company, room to grow and closer to home and I think I’ll just be respected more. But I’d be taking a 8 grand pay cut. It’s a lot and I don’t want to struggle for money. The change would be welcomed though, and I’d be able to work from home as well.

Should I hold out? Or go for it. I haven’t had much come through interview wise so I’m unsure when the next opportunity will arise. But people who I do respect have told me this step back could really damage my career. I know money isn’t everything but the cost of living is on the rise and even though I’m not materialistic, I do enjoy going on trips ect. I’ve asked a few friends but they’re unsure when I mention the pay cut. I thought maybe you guys could give me a fresh look. Appreciate all the help, thanks

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