What should I do?

Currently, I work at my second job as a junior software developer, entirely in a remote setup. Essentially, I came here because due to the current job market situation, this was the very first job offer I received. Well, as time passed, I realized more and more that I don’t want to stay here for long. My salary is very low, well below the market average; just to compare, a supermarket cashier earns more than I do as a developer. Additionally, there are no benefits, so no extra perks beyond the salary. There’s no home office support, and it took six months for me to get a company laptop; until then, I had to work on my own computer. As for the work, I’m simultaneously handling three projects, two of which I have to do almost entirely on my own with minimal assistance. Many times, I find myself on the verge of a nervous breakdown. As a junior, I had to develop a project/app alone using technologies I had never used before in my life.

Anyway, the point is that because of these reasons and a few others, I’ve decided to look for a new job, and as soon as possible, I’m leaving here. However, I’m still here, and there’s one thing I need to decide: should I participate in company events until I find another job? There’s an end-of-year/Christmas dinner coming up, which will be outside working hours, and honestly, I have no desire to go. I do my job because I love programming, but I simply don’t feel good here, so I don’t want to attend. How much of a problem is this? I’m not depressed or antisocial; at previous companies, I always attended such events, but there I felt good, and everyone was friendly.


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