Appropriate to ask for a better raise when given one? (US)

I’ve been a very strong performer at my job. I also have access to HR data for the company since I prep payroll. I’ve been key to implementing a new HR software, implementing a new ERP software, and I’ve automated a significant portion of my job. I’ve added a lot of value, so much so that I have been helping multiple different departments. This job has been a good fit for me.

So I’m thinking of when getting a regular expected raise to ask for a bigger one.

I’m expecting a 5% raise in the next couple months if the trend across the company holds. I have data to justify a 20% raise based on performance and the job market. And I figure if they don’t give me it, it will be a good discussion point to figure out how I can get a higher raise sooner.

Has anyone done something like this? If it is inappropriate, why is it inappropriate? How would you go about this?

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