Does it every get better?

Im working as a test engineer in a substation equipment manufacturing plant. I have been in it for 1.5 years, but Im burning out. The inspectors are petty af, demeaning us in everyway, wake up with fear of failing the QA test every time theres an inspection, falling short on staff members so workload is getting heavier. Work on my feet for 9 hrs 5 days a week, physical and mental exhaustion, and I tend to sleep late as I dont want the day to just end which messes me up the next day.

Everytime some senior colleagues will find ways to find fault in our ways. Trying to change the way we work and complain our mistakes to the higher ups even though we always complete the job timely.

Im trying to find a project management based job or some other path which doesnt need me to get physical as much anymore. Im already loaded with mental stress from all the thinking needed to solve issues, petty inspectors, tight timelines, on top of the physical overwork. I know there are people who think im being childish or soft and all but im trying to choose a sustainable career. I dont mind occational physical work, traveling, site visits, but all the time is tiring af. Will changing jobs fix this problem?

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