How long should I wait for an interview before I assume I’m being ghosted? Am I being ghosted?

I applied to a job I’d be very excited to get a month ago today. A week ago, on Monday, I was contacted to set a time for an Interview by who I would presume to be my boss if I get hired. According to their job title on the email they are one of the leads of the department I applied for and some random recruiter.

I was to respond with the days and times I’d be available to which I did not specify as I have open availability. I responded by telling them I’d be available the rest of the week and early the following week due to the holidays.

I followed up 2 days later to update them as I had other interviews scheduled and I couldn’t go in at certain times. However I haven’t heard anything back.

I also know they some kind of emergency there if some sorts last week over the weekend. I know this because my girlfriend works very close by and I saw the fire trucks when I was driving past, I have no idea what it was however not sure if this would even matter in terms of an interview being delayed. Maybe it’s the holidays coming up along with Black Friday?

My issue is that I have a second interview I need to schedule for a job I’m almost positive I’m going to land. This we will call job B. Job B was one of my last resorts and has only a singular thing appealing about it.

Job A has almost everything I was looking for. If I do go in and I get the offer from job B would it be best to be honest and ask for sometime to consider my other options and be honest about my interest in working elsewhere too? I just want to explore both options before I make a decision.

How long should I was before I assume they are ghosting me and I won’t ever be getting an interview? I know recruiters do that but I’ve never heard of a company doing that. Not after reaching out first about the interview. Is that something companies do nowadays?

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