Mid 30s and can’t handle my job anymore. What are some options?


I work in Commercial Real Estate as a broker. It’s 100% commission based. It’s feast and famine BIG TIME.

I was on a roll before the pandemic. January 2020 was looking like a $400k in commissions year but covid blew everything up. Salesforce had a data issue at some point in March I think that wiped my entire contact list I spent 7 hard years making. By mid 2020 I had a total mental meltdown. Very serious mental health issues. Multiple panic attacks daily and I feel like I just never really recovered. This year I started to work my ass off again and just suffer through my anxiety. I’ve been burned out of $100k in commissions due to shady clients going around me and I just cant shake it off mentally anymore like I used to.

Compared to 2021 / 2022 I’m in a much better place now, on meds, see a therapist, have support from my wife etc but the last few months even thinking about work gives me a panic attack and I’ve been in a depression since June after getting screwed over and I don’t know if I can keep this up anymore for the sake of my mental health.

What are some non sales related office jobs I could check out that wouldn’t require a college degree, but also have the ability for upward movement ?

My brother is in a tech ish job he got by just getting a few certificates. I’m meeting up with him to see what he did.

I’m not desperate for money as I have a good amount saved up and my wife makes plenty so if I need to spend a few months going through courses for something that’s not a problem. I just haven’t been in the job market for over 10 years and am at a bit of a loss on where to start.

Sorry for formatting. Im on mobile and my spellcheck has something against me.

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