Whats a career that doesn’t cost much to get into and pays somewhat decent from the start?

I’m 22 and have lived on my own since I finished highschool. My relationship with my parents is complicated and it’s not really an option to move back home to save money.

I don’t have much in savings to put towards any schooling. I’ve heard apprenticeships pay you to learn so I was thinking of that as an option.

Right now I work in a warehouse driving forklifts and I love it. I have worked in fast food and retail and I love to work. All my bosses have loved me as an employee too. I think I work well and I am worth a lot more than I currently make, I just lack education and experience.

I like working with big machines and I have heard crane operators make a lot. Any advice on how to get into that maybe?

I’m willing to do almost anything to make money. But I enjoy a work-life balance. My restrictions would be working more than 50 hrs a week, and having an inconsistent schedule.

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