How do you explain creating trust with your manager?

I had an interview for a temporary EA (Executive Assistant) to the Chief Legal Office at a mid sized tech company. I never got a chance to meet with him. I interviewed with his EA (who I would be covering for while she was on leave) and she told the recruiter that I was nice, good personality, easy to talk to but she wasn’t sure I could handle the “fast paced nature of a tech company” which was odd since I’ve worked as an EA at a large well known tech company.

She did recommend me to interview with another EA yesterday and that conversation didn’t go well. She didn’t smile. At the end she said “Good luck on your search” so I knew I wouldn’t be moving forward. I got the rejection email from the recruiter today.

At one point she asked me how I build trust with my manager and I said (paraphrasing) “I have 1X1 meetings and depending on the manager touch base throughout the day even if it’s a quick ping on slack, I make sure that they work they give me is done correctly and if it can’t be done on time that I let them know what other tasks they gave me are higher priority and provide them with a time that it can be done, I make sure to represent the executive in a professional manner, I make sure to be receptive to feedback even if it’s construction criticism etc)”

“Yes but HOW do you create trust with the executive? That’s what I’m asking” she responded in a slightly exasperated tone.

How would you respond when asked how you create trust? I feel like both EAs were just making excuses for not recommending me but want to know how others would respond.

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