What are my career options ?

Pardon me for spamming with so many post today but I am juggling a lot in choosing a career path for myself :

A brief background about me:
Indian CA and CFA L2 candidate with 4 years of work with Big in Audit and FDD. I took few months break off for two major reasons – it become too toxic for me to continue and I wasn’t really enjoying the work too.

During these months, I tried to figure out what I wanna do but I am still not able to come to a point. One thing was clear that I don’t wanna switch to industry core accounting roles. I tried for few PE/VC roles but even while applying I was skeptical that whether I really wanna make this switch.

If I think about going back to FDD, I already feel like even if I will go back to big4 FDD I might end up leaving in few months.

I am also considering Corporate finance or valuation in Big4 but again I am not sure will that be any good.

Ik I am so confused at the moment. But we all have our lows at some point in life.

Please be gentle in comments.

Thanks for reading.

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