what career to choose when it seems that nothing suits you?

how to find your way in life when you are lost and influenced by your parents

I’m M 25 years old, I don’t know where to go and I also feel very alone. I am about to finish a long 2-month vacation in which I stayed with my friends and my mother, in my native country. But I have to go back to my current job in Denmark:

The situation is one of sacrifice, because my father is in prison and my mother is trying to manage our businesses alone in my hometown, which are not going well.
In addition, we have a plot of land in the mountains for which we pay monthly installments. That’s why I’m in Denmark, at a terrible job, only night shifts, no day off as a newspaper delivery person. This job doesn’t give me the freedom to even breathe, to go for a walk (I hardly did that). The only reason is that I have a good salary for my empty CV and no education.

*Practically, I still have to stay captive for at least 1 year to raise money to pay for the land.*
a promise made by me for my family

– I recently found out that it is possible to have ad hd and that’s why I never managed to focus on anything, starting a lot of things, without finishing them. I started to analyze myself better behaviorally and I realized that I couldn’t really work for someone, I’m still trying to figure out what job would suit me (in the past I was a techno deejay). The idea of ​​being an entrepreneur at a guesthouse in the mountains sounds very good, because i really like the mountains and snowboard(I really think I have an entrepreneurial spirit), but it doesn’t make me feel independent from my family.

and the ideal plan would be to help my family with the land in the mountains, for a years(my sacrifice) and at the same time to find a job or field that would bring me back to my native country with my friends and give me the freedom I need . I
– I don’t know how I can figure out which job to choose, which path to take. I really want to choose a path, go to a therapist and solve the problem with ad hd with a recommended treatment. to take the high school exam and move to Bucharest. Where to regain my social and dating life, friends and independence.

– I’m a more creative person than analytical. I like to think that things should be done logically and organized, but my ad hd doesn’t let me do everything like that and I usually do things based on spontaneous energy and lately. Many business ideas come to me, but the math (I’m trying to work on it) I’ve never been able to understand. I am a Libra and that says something about my oscillating character.

What helped you find the right career for you? even if it seemed that nothing suits you. how would you manage the career/family situation?

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