Working on an MIS degree, what can I do to get a decent job post graduation?

Hi y’all! I am currently working on a Bachelor’s in Management information systems and hoping to land a good job post graduation. Looking at a career in maybe being a systems analyst or project manager. I’m open to other paths as well. What other careers should I look into?

For some background: I just went back to school at 30 to get this degree and I already had an associates degree. I’ve worked at a freight forwarder as a logistics coordinator, and worked for years as a server/bartender. Currently work at the school in the IT/AV department doing tech support for classrooms. I have 3 semesters left until I graduate.
In my free time I’m currently studying to get a COMPTIA A+ certification and learning a bit of Python. I’m doing my best to get an internship for this summer so I can get some relevant experience.

What skills/certifications should I learn to prepare me for a new career? Are there any other careers I should consider?

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